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Before talking about team culture, think about what you mean

Debbie Kniffin | Iowa State middle blocker 2008-11 Please, please, please, can we think twice before using the word “culture” when describing our volleyball programs? This may be the most overused word in the sport. Every interview, you hear coaches give answers like: “We have worked hard to develop our [insert adjective] culture.” Maybe it’s “winning…

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6 tips for parents whose kids play club and school volleyball

If you have an athlete who plays both club and school volleyball, you know that the 2 seasons can be very different. Here are 6 ways to encourage your athlete during both seasons so they get the most out of their sport year-round. “Athletes at the school level really want to do well. There is…

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Make a Payment

Please join us at the Elk’s Lodge on April 23rd to raise money for the upcoming soccer season…

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